Important Notices

1 May 2021: Due to PDPA, we will not be publishing the results for Round 1 APMOPS online. Instead, the results and e-certs will be uploaded to the registration portals for schools/centres to download and distribute to their students. We apologise that we will need some more time to upload the results and seek your kind understanding. Once the results is ready for download, we will email all. In addition, due to the COVID-19 situation, we will cancel the Invitation Round. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and seek your kind understanding.

7 April 2021: We have sent out the emails regarding the Online APMOPS Round 1. Do keep a look out for the emails. If you did not receive yours by this Friday or have any queries, please contact the respective representatives for your schools/centres.

Userguides for teachers and participants are already uploaded. Check the links at the navigation panel.

25 March 2021: The Mock Trial for the APMOPS will start from 25 March to 27 March with an addition day on 29th March for schools to try on the school network and devices. For Singapore schools, because of the security of the SSOE Network, you may have difficulties logging in to the website. An work around for the from 25 to 27 March for students who are doing the quiz at home would be for schools to use your own mobile data to just start the quiz. We have submitted a request to MOE to whitelist the competition URLs and hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon.

11 Jan 2021: Due to some technical hitches, the registration portal will be open on 12th Jan 2021.

7 Jan 2021: Registration portal for APMOPS will open on 11th Jan 2021.

30 December 2020: We will be hosting the Round 1 of APMOPS online from 2021. More information will be sent to the schools/centres.

27 March 2020: Due to the current development in COVID - 19 and MOE Announcement of cancellation of external activities till end of Term 2, SMOPS will be CANCELLED. Teachers of participating schools will be notified via email next week. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Overseas centres may continue with their Round 1 competition if their schedule allows them. Please liaise with our coordinators. (NEW)

25 March 2020: The date for Round 1 SMOPS has been finalised (if all goes well) on 6th April, 2020, Monday at the various primary schools.

19 March 2020: Due to the suspension of all afternoon activities for primary schools by MOE for 2 weeks, the SMOPS 2020 scheduled on 27th March will be postponed to a later date (to be confirmed by next week)

14 March 2020: APMOPS Round 1, scheduled on 28th March, for Malaysian schools will be posted to a later date as the MOE, Malaysia has suspended activities for all schools.