Competition details for Online APMOPS Round 1

(The information below is meant mainly for participants from Singapore schools and may be subjected to changes, please check back regularly for updates. Participants from other countries may receive different instructions from our representatives in the overseas centres. )

1.    Date of Competition 

13th April 2023 (Thursday) for Singapore and Malaysian Schools only

2.    Venues

Individual schools of participating students or another assigned venues

3.    Schedule

Competition should start in the afternoons after school curriculum hours (For Singapore and Malaysia schools only)

4.    Eligibility

All Primary 6 students or equivalent.  

Up to 10 Primary 5 students per schools for Singapore schools only

5.    Round 1 Competition Paper

The total mark for the competition paper will be 150 marks, which are allotted as follows

Questions   1 to 10:    4 marks each

Questions 11 to 20:    5 marks each

Questions 21 to 30:    6 marks each

There will be no deduction of marks for error or omissions. Marks will be awarded for correct answers only. 

The duration of the competition is 2 hours. 

Scope of competition includes but is not limited to the following topics:

6.    Instructions for Participants

a)   All participants must have their own tablets/laptops/desktops with internet connection (via School Wi-Fi or mobile network) with suitable browser to access the competition website. 

b)   Login details (userid and password) will be emailed to the school administrators. Administrators may print out the individual PDFs for the respective participants containing the login details from the portal. 

c)   Read the instructions carefully on the screen before you start. 

d)  There will be a timer on the screen for the individual participant to show the time remaining for the competition.

e)   After the competition, please log out of the website. 

f)   The use of calculators, mathematical sets or mathematical tables is not allowed during the competition.

g)   Participants who are late will not be allowed to take part in the competition. 

 7.    Prizes

Individual Prizes 

a)   Individual winners will qualify for the following awards (Only respective e-certificates will be provided):

i)  Platinum Award will be awarded to the top 1.5% participants or the top 50 participants whichever is lower with exceptionally outstanding performance that meets the minimum requirements set by the judges.

ii)   Gold Award will be awarded to the next 2.5% or the next 70 participants of the field whichever is lower.

iii)  Silver Award will be awarded to the next 6% of the field, and

iv)  Bronze Award will be awarded to the subsequent 10% of the field.

v)   Others will receive an e-certificate of participation.

b)   20 Individual Prizes will be awarded to the top 20 participants  (FOR SINGAPORE PARTICIPANTS ONLY):

The details of the prizes are as follows:


Team Prizes will be awarded to the top three schools that are ranked according to the total score of their top three pupils in the APMOPS:

First Prize: 1 trophy, Kong Chian Challenge Trophy and SGD$1000 for the school

Second Prize: 1 trophy and SGD$500 for the school

Third Prize: 1 trophy and SGD$300 for the school

Honourable Mention Team Awards, consisting of one trophy for the school, will also be awarded to three outstanding schools.

The Champion School shall keep the Kong Chian Challenge Trophy for one year and shall return it to Hwa Chong Institution for the next competition. The Challenge Trophy will be kept permanently by the school, which emerges champion in three consecutive Olympiads.

The monetary prizes will be sent to the students or schools via electronic means. 

 8.    Announcement of Winners

a) Results of the  Round 1 APMOPS will be posted on the website  by 1st May 2023.

b) The top 4% participants, or the top 120 participants, whichever is lower, will be invited to compete in the Invitation Round on 27th May 2023 (pending COVID-19 measure)


a)   The registration fee per student is $40/- [inclusive of GST] and registration opens from 25th January 2023 until 28th February 2023. Strictly no submissions will be allowed after 28th February 2023.

b)   Registration will be done strictly via an online portal: The userid and password for the portal will be emailed to the teachers-in-charge. Teachers-in-charge may change the password at the first login. Teachers-in-charge may also click on forget password to have the login details resent to you. 

c)    Registration is to be carried out by downloading and filling in the stipulated excel worksheet (downloadable from the APMOPS Portal). 

d)    Payment will be made only after the competition.  Schools will be invoiced based on the actual number of participants for the competition. 

i.     E-invoice will be sent via the IFAAS system after the competition. Payment must be paid via IFAAS or Cheque and should be made within two weeks after receiving the E-invoice from Hwa Chong Institution.

ii.    Payment by cheque should be made by using only ONE cheque for the registration fee of all the participants. The cheque should be addressed to 'Hwa Chong Institution'. Please indicate 'SMOPS 2022', e-invoice number, name of your school and number of participants behind the cheque.

iii.    Payment by IFAAS should indicate the HCI AGD Vendor id: 'MOE 0101022' correctly.

iv.     Only 1 invoice will be provided per school for registration with APMOPS. 

e)    All correspondence should be sent to:


      Hwa Chong Institution

      (High School Section)

      661 Bukit Timah Road

      Singapore 269734

f)    Like the APMOPS Facebook page or Instagram to receive notification and updates on APMOPS at  or 

10.   Closing Date  

All registrations will be closed on 28th February 2023. No submission or amendment will be allowed after this date.

11.   Certificate

All e-certificates will be sent to the teachers-in-charge according to the names submitted during registration. 

12.    Enquiries 

Please direct all queries to the respective

Phone number: 6570 9421 ext 2110

Fax number: 6468 1063 

Email address: 

13.   Posters for APMOPS 2023

A soft copy of the APMOPS 2023 poster can be downloaded from the registration portal or APMOPS Website: for display and distribution purposes at a later date.

14. Competition URL

This is the URL to access the competition: 

15. Devices for the Competition

Each participant must have individual electronic device that allows internet connection to web browser. A tablet, desktop computer or laptop would be highly recommended. 

16. Summary of Important Dates