Competition details for APMOPS 2022 Invitation Round (28th May 2022)

(Pending COVID-19 situations)

1. Date of Competition

Saturday, 28th May 2022

2. Venue of Competition

Hwa Chong Institution (High School Section), Singapore

3. Eligibility

The top 4% of the participants or the top 120 participants, whichever is lower, in Round 1 of the local competition (SMOPS in Singapore) will be invited for the Invitation Round.

Up to top 10 participants from each overseas centre will also be invited for the Invitation Round.

*All participants must be primary school students in Primary 5 or 6 in Singapore schools.

For overseas centres with the school year commencing in June/July: Participants must be primary school students in Primary 5 or 6 or equivalent.

Overseas participants who had previously participated in APMOPS are not allowed to participate again.

4. Fees

There will be no additional fees incurred.

5. Scoring of Competition Papers

The total marks for the paper will be 100 marks. There are 14 questions and the marks are allotted as follows:

- Question 1 to 4: 4 marks each.

- Question 5 to 8: 5 marks each.

- Question 9 to 12: 6 marks each.

- Question 13 and 14: 20 marks each.

No working is required for Questions 1 to 12. Marks will be awarded for the correct final answer.

For Question 13 and 14, all working must be clearly shown. Omission of essential steps will result in loss of marks.

Scope of competition is the same as Round 1 paper but will be of higher difficulty and includes but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Arithmetic and Algebra

  • Number Theory

  • Geometry

  • Combinatorics and Counting Principles

  • Number Pattern and Puzzle

  • Word Problems

  • Logic Problems

6. Instructions for Participants

[a] All participants must report for the competition in full school uniform. Those not wearing school uniform will not be allowed to take part.

[b] All local participants must bring along their Student Identification Cards, or Bus concession cards. The identity of all overseas participants will be verified using their passports.

[c] All participants must bring their own stationery.

[d] The use of calculators, mathematical sets or mathematical tables is NOT allowed during the competition.

7. Prizes

A total of 40 Individual Prizes will be awarded to the top 40 participants in the Invitation Round (APMOPS). The details of the prizes are as follows:

All prize winners must be in full school uniform to receive the prizes. The monetary prizes will be sent to the students via electronic means.

8. Announcement of Winners

The winners of the Invitation Round will be announced on 28th May 2022 at the Prize Presentation Ceremony at 3.30pm.