Competition details for Makeup Round SMOPS 2022

(Makeup APMOPS Round 1 for Singapore Schools)

(The information below is meant for participants from Singapore schools only and may be subjected to changes, please check back regularly for updates)

1. Date of Competition

19th May 2022 (Thursday)

2. Venues

Individual schools of participating students

3. Schedule

Competition should start in the afternoons after school curriculum hours.

4. Eligibility


All Primary 6 students in Singapore schools.

Junior SMOPS

All Primary 5 students in Singapore schools. Limited to 10 students per school.

5. Round 1 Competition Paper

The total mark for the competition paper will be 75 marks, which are allotted as follows

Questions 1 to 5: 4 marks each

Questions 6 to 10: 5 marks each

Questions 11 to 15: 6 marks each

There will be no deduction of marks for error or omissions. Marks will be awarded for correct answers only. There is no difference in the paper for participants of Junior SMOPS and SMOPS.

The duration of the competition is 1 hours.

Scope of competition includes but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Arithmetic and Algebra

  • Number Theory

  • Geometry

  • Combinatorics and Counting Principles

  • Number Pattern and Puzzle

  • Word Problems

  • Logic Problems

6. Instructions for Participants

a) It will be a pencil and paper sessions using OMR form to be conducted in school.

b) Each student will be given an index number through their teachers that they need to shade on the OMR form.

c) Read the instructions carefully before you start.

d) All answers must be shaded correctly on the OMR using a 2B pencil.

d) The use of calculators, mathematical sets or mathematical tables is not allowed during the competition.

e) Participants who are late will not be allowed to take part in the competition.

7. Prizes

Individual Prizes (including participants in Junior SMOPS)

a) Individual winners will qualify for the following awards (Only respective e-certificates will be provided):

i) Platinum Award will be awarded to the top 1.5% participants or the top 50 participants whichever is lower with exceptionally outstanding performance that meets the minimum requirements set by the judges.

ii) Gold Award will be awarded to the next 2.5% or the next 70 participants of the field whichever is lower.

iii) Silver Award will be awarded to the next 6% of the field, and

iv) Bronze Award will be awarded to the subsequent 10% of the field.

v) Others will receive a e-certificate of participation.

vi) e-certificates of the various awards will be sent to the participants via their registered email addresses.

vii) For this year, we will print out the physical certificates and courier to the students via their schools as a gesture of apology.

8. Announcement of Winners

a) Results of the SMOPS 2022 will be posted on the website by 31st May 2022.

9. Enquiries

Please direct all queries to our Administrative Officer, Ms Ong Li Whee.

Phone number: 6570 9421 ext 2110

Fax number: 6468 1063

Email address:

10. Posters for APMOPS 2022

A soft copy of the APMOPS 2022 poster can be downloaded from the registration portal or APMOPS Website: for display and distribution purposes.